Team Profile

Brian Chiang

-Team leader, Interview, Video editor

After a series of studies on algal reefs, I realize that I know a lot more about this topic, and I am glad to take this opportunity to make this topic more visible to everyone, although the process is not easy. After many revisions, this result has been achieved. I believe that we could take up other more challenges or topics with such a spirit. Also, I have acquired skills such as searching for information and interviewing. I remember when we arrived at Mr. Pan’s apartment, I interviewed him with Josephine. This is the first time I have tried this job as a reporter, and what I learned from this interview was more than I expected.

Kaite Tseng

-Interview, Record, Survey design, Data analysis

Algae is Taiwan’s rare ecosystem, and also is the activity that government and social groups are taking care of.  Before doing this topic I didn’t know what algae are, but after we did the research and interviewed relevant personnel I learned more about algae. Many people are taking care of this issue because this issue involves people’s livelihood and the environment. Also, the algae issue is to become a referendum because the government wants to build gas refineries but it makes the marine polluted and destroys the original environment. The purpose of doing this project is to let everyone including us know more about algae. However, I think humanity must take serious efforts to solve environmental problems.

Sam Hung

-Videographer, Video editor, Photographer

The Datan’s algal reefs is the most special and rarest algae reef ecosystem in Taiwan coastline. Pan Zhong Zheng saw that Taiwan only serves about 10% of the algae reefs, rather than the well being of the people, by means of state enterprise collusion to destroy the ecology. Meanwhile, they seek profit at the expense of the vulnerable. Here is a place, where there is the biodiversity of endangered creatures and a lot of research value. And now, because of economic advantage and political manipulation, algal reefs have been devoured by the authorities. Compared to other countries, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has high research value, listed as one of the seven world heritage sites. South America has the widest waterfall in the world. And America has the Colorado Grand Canyon. In contrast, those few remaining natural habitats in Taiwan have been destroyed by one factory after another. In 1544, Taiwan, called Formosa by the Portuguese, was once full of mountains and refreshing. Will this name bring back after many difficulty.

Josephine Kuan

-Interview, record, Survey design

The algal reef referendum is an environmental campaign that Taiwan focuses on. In our interview, Mr. Pan is an expert, exploring water pollution, ocean protection, and the Taiwanese’s local environmental activity. And why does our group want to investigate ocean pollution and power shortage? How did these two things connect? Electricity is the most important reason why the government wants to build a natural gas power plant, but it gets the marine life and the streams polluted. Although electricity and ocean protection are both important, the public voice wants the government to deal with water purification first and suggest that each one of us should continue to pay attention to environmental protection. We know marine life in our country has become a hot topic and coping with water pollution is a huge challenge. For these reasons, our hope and ambition for this project are alive and well. Humanity must make all-out efforts to establish marine life in a safe environment, and that can solve a lot of problems.

Ray Chen

-Web site editor, Photographer, Translator

When Taiwan had a controversial issue about the algal reef, our team decided to do some research about it. As time goes on, our project is finally done. I’m glad that my teammates are all very enthusiastic about the topic, and we are honored that we can have a chance to have a conversation with Mr.Pan. I learned a lot about how the algae reefs are facing the environment problem by being destroyed by humans, and how important it affects our lives. In conclusion, I suggest that people who live in Taiwan should pay more attention to this environmental issue, which has arisen in recent years. 

Ryan Cheng

-Translator, Summarize, Interview organize

Few young people actively engage in social issues. I felt very touched while interviewing proud of my actions — initiating this research project. We believe a majority of the Taiwanese would reflect on themselves and start to care about the issue after Mr. Pan’s lecture, even though it has been brought to President Tsai. In my personal perspective, Taiwan is a small country where it presents algal reef’s special and are not only a national asset, also are rarely harder to be discovered